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Earlier this week I heard the comment, "Everyone should have a coach." In years gone by I would have laughed out loud. Now, I couldn't agree more...So why the complete change of heart?

When I was confronted by unexpected changes in my life and was lost for ideas and direction, it was a coach that helped me put my situation into context and gain some perspective. At a crossroads in life, coaching enabled me to identify a direction, what I wanted life to look like and why. It gave me the tools required to find the path forward and the awareness to recognise the behaviours that served me and filter out the those that didn't.

Now when I look at the idea of a coach I think...yes, I could work this out myself...but how long will it take me, how much time will I lose? If something isn't working physically, I go to a doctor. If I want to learn to train in the gym, I get a personal trainer so why would I not have a coach to help me work through these life changing questions?

Coaching is a process. It's a system of actions and tools that can change the way you think about yourself and the opportunities you are afforded. The way you think about and approach the challenges you might face and the environments in which you operate. Work done and effort taken in this space is often enough to unlock your true potential, reward you with the success and abundance you are looking for and give you the peace and fulfillment in life that you deserve.

Like many in my profession, I landed here after working through some of my own life challenges. My courses and coaching programs are based on those experiences and the learning I had to undertake to get here.  There are no shortcuts in life and ultimately, you are the only one who can make the life-changing decisions but it is easier with help and and the right coaching...And that's what I'm offering you here. 

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Happy Clients

"Jamie facilitated a series of team transformation workshops with excellent tangible outcomes within a large team and across a complex business environment."

Executive Director, IB&M.

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Jamie Hildage

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