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turn life into living.


Through programs and adventurous retreats, I work with people from all walks of life to help them spend more time on what matters most to them.  I know first-hand how easy it is to become stuck on the treadmill of life, moving at pace in one direction but without getting anywhere fulfilling.  Following a long career in senior corporate roles in banking, I reached a cross-road where I stepped aside to find a new challenge...a new way of living, a new life.


My programs are a result of my deep passion to help others step off the treadmill and embrace self-discovery and the transformation and time they need to create the life they really want. From survival of the fittest in finance to surviving in the wilderness with limited water, I combine my unique journey with coaching studies and years of experience to deliver programs that work in the real world...Programs that turn life into really living.


ME TIME So elusive, it escapes many of us. Life coaching is the real deal when it comes to taking time out and investing in yourself. A stronger, clearer you also benefits everyone around you, at work and at home.

CONFIDENCE.  Being confident in who you are and what you want is critical to finding your purpose and gaining clarity in life, only then can you pursue what really matters.

DIRECTION.  I didn't set out to win a race, I set out to become a runner. Choosing the right goals and good habits are key to creating a clear path towards what you really want.

LESS STRESS.  Stress is unavoidable and life is unpredictable, but we can learn to live with it, manage it and use proven techniques to reduce the negative impact of stress on our lives.

ACCOUNTABILITY.  We all have grand plans, sticking to them and staying motivated is tough in a busy world. We give you the best chance of sticking to it and getting the results you've always hoped for.

SATISFACTION.  From finding what makes you happy and cultivating more of it, to unlocking your potential and maintaining healthy relationships the opportunities for personal satisfaction are plentiful!



Our coaching programs, courses and retreats have all been designed to suit anyone, whether you are feeling stuck or ready to discover more about yourself and how you can shape a life you love - all of the time!


Often participants are simply curious, and keen to seriously invest in themselves. The programs bring people new opportunities, growth personally and at work - and in some cases complete life transformations - all it takes is the care and commitment to YOURSELF to sign up.

Designed for busy people, the programs are built with interactive, self-study, flexible and affordable options - invest in YOU today. 

Happy Clients

"Jamie facilitated a series of team transformation workshops with excellent tangible outcomes within a large team and across a complex business environment."

Executive Director, IB&M.

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