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In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity

Albert Einstein

photo (c) 2019 Canal Aventure, G. Pielke/D. Lemanski

What's this all about?

Welcome to my blog and thanks for taking the time to read...These are a collection of thoughts and experiences for mindset coaching and motivational speaking based on ultra running, personal development and corporate life. I feel like I've been lucky enough to learn a lot about myself through work, life, misadventure, exploring my limits and testing my boundaries...physically and mentally. 


I am passionate about helping people and feel that I'd like to give something back. By offering up my experiences in the hope that they might inspire some of you to follow that big dream or chase that goal, what ever it is. Step outside your comfort zone, test your courageous and take that all important first step. 

If you want to send me a message or hear more, please click here. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Bye for now 


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