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own Your space.

When I let go of who I am, I become who I want to be.

Lao Tzu


Research shows that effective management of our daily lives helps to manage stress, reduce overwhelm and anxiety and improve health and productivity. Effective management requires gaining control of the aspects of our life that can be overwhelming or too easily overlooked.

Take exercise alone, it's been proven in many studies worldwide that regular exercise for as little as 30mins a day can reduce anxiety and depression - if only we could fit it into our schedule!


Own Your Space is a transformational short course designed to provide you with practical easy-to-use tools that will help you plan and take control of 4 key areas of your life that will drive positive results. A self-study, simple format you'll gain the control, confidence and consistency to better manage the day to day elements of life that have the most influence over your general wellbeing. Many of us know what a healthy diet looks like, but we struggle to stick to the plan and stay motivated, this course will change all that.


This course will ultimately enable you to gain better control of your time and space.  No matter the number of competing priorities, this course will empower you to lead your life in alignment with your values and goals across these key areas and achieve a higher sense of wellbeing


your investment


  • Online Self-Study Transformational short course

  • Access for 12 months 

  • Pre-recorded video tutorials

  • Support workbook

  • Section worksheets & Planner

  • Next Step - Sign up and get started 

For those who progress on to the Moving Forward coaching program after Own Your Space, I will give you back your Own Your Space registration fee.

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