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Big Thank Yous


Well it’s all over. The last day was a very relaxed and gentle walk/jog 8.5km back to Birdsville…What a week. It almost felt like the winter edition of last year’s summer run but today the sky was bright and clear and all spirits were high. There was laughing and joking and costumes and tutus. Lots of sore feet and legs but lots of very happy participants who’d just completed a significant and very enjoyable stage run in the outback of Australia.

I returned this year because I enjoyed camp life so much last year and made such fantastic friends. I wanted to do the same this year and also had 1 additional goal…..finish the long day in daylight. Well I’m very happy to say that I did both and am also blown away with the way the race worked out this year.

This is my last post for this blog/race for the year so I want to say a lot of thank yous. Firstly to the race organisers Greg, Lucas and their teams. What a challenge this year to shuffle race days and logistics and still create a fantastic event for us all to enjoy in a safe and controlled environment. All of the volunteers were amazing again this year. It didn’t matter what happened out there, rain, blazing sunshine, early mornings or working deep into the dark nights they always had a smile, a helping hand and an encouraging word. The medics, physio and massage therapists did a great job of keeping us all up and running no matter what our own legs and feet were telling us.  All of the other participants for making it such a fun event and working hard to raise those valuable funds for JDRF and finally to all my friends and family for all your support, encouragement, donations and constant questioning of why I do these events ;o)

I do need to say a special thanks to Row for gently coercing me into running again and to Jenna and the Brook family for putting me up and making me feel like part of their family this year in Birdsville.





#BigRedRun #BRR

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