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Brexit vs the weigh in

In the face of imminent disaster and political and economic mayhem in Europe, all is not lost. …my bag was under the race weight limit and all my gear passed the mandatory gear check so it’s off into the desert tomorrow morning at 0730hrs 😀.


12.65kg…all good. 14kg limit so will add some treats.

Going to be a quick post now as it’s the second today and bedtime. All runners are now in Birdsville with the last plane arriving at lunchtime from Brisbane. All gear checks, weigh-ins and race briefings have finished and we’ve had our pre-race dinner. The volunteers have already been out and marked the course for tomorrow and will be out again in the morning before us to ensure nothing is out of place. We have to muster outside the pub by 0710 and then off. My running kit’s all prepared and ready to slip on in the morning, quick breakie and out.


Tomorrow’s running kit. ..well actually all weeks running kit as it’s all I’ll have with me.

Need to get a good night’s sleep now and then get the first day out of the way! Sleep well all and roll on day 1 😆


#BigRedRun #BRR

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