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Rest day

Not really a lot to post from today. We had a forced rest day because of the weather so the day was spent in camp cleaning and drying kit infront of the fire. The clay took hours to remove from our shoes and some people are even binning some of their kit. The crew and volunteers have worked hard all day to mark out a new 30km route for us to run tomorrow as we’d usually move camp today throughout our day 3 marathon but the roads are impassable. This means we’ll run out and back to this camp tomorrow and the following day run an 84km route to the original final camp before returning to Birdsville on Thursday. Watching a slide show off yesterday’s pictures now before heading off to bed. The results should be published on the BRR website today along with some photos. In addition, ultra-running photographer and journalist Ian Corless is here convering the race. There may be more pictures avaliable on his website. Bye for now and thanks so much for all the support. Jamie



#BigRedRun #BRR

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