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photo (c) 2019 Canal Aventure, G. Pielke/D. Lemanski

Loads of fun being interviewed by Paul from Running Matters Podcast. Lots of chat about ultra running adventures,  planning,  preparation and getting it wrong.
Mindset, goalsetting and frameworks for success. 
Running The Track, being part of the Continental Challenge and running across New South Wales in The Hard Way Home.

Thanks so much for having me on.

charity work


I proudly support the Australian Childhood Foundation, one of Australia’s leading not-for- profits, supporting children to recover from the trauma of abuse, neglect and family violence. The Australian Childhood Foundation believes all children have the right to a safe and loving childhood and it works to protect and support children and aid their recovery from the impacts of their experiences. 


Shoes for Planet Earth is an Australian based charity working with local and international communities to provide recycled sports shoes to those in need around the world. Since they began in 2009, they have donated more than 80,000 pairs of shoes across 18 countries. Once shoes are collected, they are packaged and delivered to homeless shelters, youth and female crisis centres, indigenous communities, sporting groups, orphanages, churches, flood and other disaster victims. 👟👟👟

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. 

T.S. Eliot

Ultra Marathon Running

I love the physical act of running. My heart pounding in my chest. The icy mountain air burning as I take a breath or the hot desert sun beating on my head. Spending my time with wonderful adventurous people as we explore new trails or share the pains of a another day of long racing. 

I specialise in self-supported multi-stage races. These cover many kilometers of often remote and very challenging terrain whilst carrying all of my kit and food. The challenge of planning for and preparing myself goes way beyond just physical training. What nutrition do I carry? What kit do I take? Am I good enough? Have I done enough?

Through this sport, like most others, there are many lessons to learn about motivation, discipline, consistency and resilience. Hours of time spent alone, exhausted and ready to quit bring self awareness and a powerful, positive mindset. 

The Continental Challenge

The Continental Challenge is a race series of 5 ultra-marathons run on 5 continents. They are all self-supported races and in some of the most physically demanding places on earth.

  • May 2019 The Track 2nd finish 2017, 3rd. 2019, 12th 

  • Nov 2019 Ultra Africa. 3rd place

  • March 2020, Ultra Asia, Vietnam

  • July 2020, Ultra Norway

  • Sept 2020, Ultra Bolivia

 Sadly these planned events have been postponed due   the current world situation. Hopefully we will see the   world open up in time to run these wonderful races.

Northern Territory, Australia, 2019

The Track

At 522km, The Track is currently the longest self-supported stage race in the world. It is run through the unforgiving terrain of Australia's Northern Territory covering the mountains and deserts from Alice Springs to Uluru. 

With little shade from the soaring temperatures and the unrelenting sun, participants carry their own kit through this rugged land.

I completed it in 2019....for the second time.